OMNI 6 discussion

Tyler Barnett
13 Aug 96 16:15:29 EDT

Been listening to the discussion about the OMNI 6.
I recently bought a used one, and have used it with TR and CT9, and it seems 
just fine to me.
I do have the lastest ROM level, and the RIT tuning is just great.

I keep hearing about "brain-damaged computer control".
What does this mean?  How does the problem manifest itself in your experience?
If there was a failing scenario I could reproduce, then my serial protocol 
analyzer could trace it.
Armed with this info, the TT factory could probably fix the code problem.  
They can hardly be expected to diagnose and fix something they have never seen.

Having visited the factory and all the technical people there, I was very 
They have a lot of irons in the fire, and it isn't just all amateur radio.  
Lots of stuff we can't talk about.
On the contrary, I think the OMNI 6 was aimed square at the dx and contest 
community niche.
Ragchewers could care less about the superb receiver performance, QSK, and 
stuff that dx/contest types need.  Nope, it doesn't have that many knobs and 
buttons.  Doesn't need it.
About the only questionable thing about the OMNI 6 is the location of the front 
panel medallion.
It takes up prime real-estate that could be used for some other control.  But 
that's a nit.

I hear TenTec is selling every OMNI 6 they can make.   What a problem to 

Tyler N4TY