Scout Band Module Problem Cure
Mon, 26 Aug 96 07:48:12 -0500


No transmit on band module. Unit draws current in tune. Receiver is


Transmit LPF is 'open'. No continuity between male barrel connector
centre pins. Circuit board solder looks OK. Problem is caused by
brass rivet on back of connector to solder flange having poor 
mechanical connection.


Find the failed male barrel connect by ohm meter test (or simply 
repair both) and remove using solder wick. Clean rear of barrel 
connector and solder centre pin 'rivet' to connector flange. Ensure 
barrel connector is *absolutely* flush to the circuit board before 
completely soldering in place. Reassemble and return to service.


Owners with this problem, especially with well used units in 
humid environments should suspect this problem as a source of poor,
intermittant or low transmit power. It is quite common with this type 
of mechanical connector assembly. 


Wayne Montague