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Considering the recent demise of the Paragon, one might ask if TenTech has
reached a technological plateu or perhaps the proverbial "end of the
line". Logic would suggest that their next offering would be a general
coverage transceiver with features comparable or better than the Omni IV
and somewhat competetive with the imported equipment. What should we
expect? Those with >$2K invested in the Paragon II may be wondering if
their rig will become a valuable collector's item or a worthless trinket
of the past. At present, P2 owners have no hope for upgrading their
equipment and still stay with their favorite company. Will things change
or should they be looking elsewhere? 73

Steve Ellington N4LQ@IGLOU.COM  Louisville, Ky 

	Steve, do you have anything really constructive to say about TenTec?
I'm beginning to wonder if you're not employed by one of the other radio companies!

	As for me, I happen to like my Omni VI. Yes, I have compared it's construction to the 
imported rigs. You can keep your steel chassis and the garbage most of them try to pass off as 
circuit board material. I prefer G-10 epoxy glass boards and the neat, "easy to service" layout 
of the Omni VI. It may not have 1001 buttons to play with, but SO WHAT!