End of the Line?

David Werner aa9ol@execpc.com
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 10:01:11 -0500

Alan, donít be so tough on Steve.  Sure he tends to repeatedly LOVE his 
new toys, and berate his old ones excessively on the net.  We all tend 
to do that to some extentÖ  (OK, so our swings are not quite as wide.   
And most of us donít feel the need to publicly contradict ourselves.)   

Steve, I look forward to your inevitable purchase of a Kenwood or an 
Icom and your reviling of FT-1000MP.  (Have those clipped leading CW 
elements drawn any comments?  Are those expensive filters really as 
poorly shaped as Iíve heard?  And what is that brown stuff  they make 
those circuit boards out of anyway?  Does it really soak up moisture and 
detune circuits over time?)

This has always been an inclusive group.  And Iím glad that there is 
room for the fallen along with the redeemed!      :)

Dave Werner