End of the Line?

Steve Ellington n4LQ@iglou.com
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 13:26:36 -0700

David Werner wrote:
> Steve, I look forward to your inevitable purchase of a Kenwood or an
> Icom and your reviling of FT-1000MP.  (Have those clipped leading CW
> elements drawn any comments?  Are those expensive filters really as
> poorly shaped as Iíve heard?  And what is that brown stuff  they make
> those circuit boards out of anyway?  Does it really soak up moisture and
> detune circuits over time?)

It sure is good to see this list get a little life into it. Yes, I've
been through a lot of equipment and "pursued the elusive electron" as
they say. Have I found the perfect rig? NAW....They all have problems
and when those problems are found, they need to be exposed. I've had
Kenwoods, Icoms, Yeasus and TenTecs and I can tell you both good and bad
points about them all. I can point you to a cheap rig with good qsk and
a $5,000 rig with horrible qsk while at the same time the cheap rig has
terrible filtering and the 5K rig has excellent filtering. No one ever
seems to get everything right in one box. I suppose if they did, that
would in fact be "the end of the line". 

Answers to questions:

No, The Ft-1000mp doesn't clip dits. The Ft-1000D does.

Yes, The filters are far over priced and pretty much a RACKET. The MP
has slots for 9 or 10 filters, I lost track! 

The brown stuff is actually compressed rice. It keeps the humidity out
of the ham shack.

Generally, we don't mind reading bad things about rigs as long as it
isn't ours. Instead, we should appreciate US idiots who spend all their
hard earned money on this junk, use it, test it then blab to the whole
world what we think. Then when others get ready to shell out, they can
refer to the TenTec, Yeasu or even Hallicrafters reflector wade though
all the comments and make an educated decision.