Fwd: End of the Line?

Steve Ellington n4LQ@iglou.com
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 11:23:33 -0700

I'm employeed by a bank. We loan money to hams to buy equipment. My post
was merely a question to provoke thought. I do not work for another
company nor do I owe allegiance to any manufacture of radios including
TenTec. I've been a ham for 33 years now and have watched with the
dismay, the rapid decline of American manufacturing and I'm concerned
that TenTec is heading down the same road as Drake, Collins, Hammarlund,
Johnson and all the rest. 

Remember how Drake gradually narrowed their products down to only one
rig, the TR-7, before production of ham gear was totally haulted? Before
this, Swan was engulfed by Cubic which phased out ham equipment and the
list goes on and on. Now we see TenTec locked in at about 1989
with nothing new on the boards that we know of. 

I have no argument with those who prefer Tentec gear. I have owned most
of their products and still use a Triton 4 in my van for cw mobile work. 
Yes. The older technology is easier to service. I was able to
understand, service and even improve all the circuitry in my Omni IV.
I've worked on the IC-706 and FT-1000MP and believe me, I appreciate the
simplier equipment. For that matter, my Collins 75A-4 is even easier to

That having been said, let me appeal to you'all not to get wrapped up in
brand loyality to the point blindness. Keep an open mind about
technology. Don't let emotions take control when someone says something
unflattering about a product. We hams need to stick together. As for
TenTec, their presence on this mail list is welcome. However by being
here, they open themselves to more exposure and people want answers. How
about some TenTec? Where are you heading? 

As for me, I get enough technology at work to keep me entertained. I
come home, fire up the 75A4 and have a good ragchew using my 1930 model
bug key. I've got several old boatanchors I'm restoring and an Omni 6 on
the way in that no one else could fix. This is living! My best wishes to
TenTec and all who use their appliances. 73

Steve N4LQ

>         Steve, do you have anything really constructive to say about TenTec?
> I'm beginning to wonder if you're not employed by one of the other radio companies!
>         As for me, I happen to like my Omni VI. Yes, I have compared it's construction to the
> imported rigs. You can keep your steel chassis and the garbage most of them try to pass off as
> circuit board material. I prefer G-10 epoxy glass boards and the neat, "easy to service" layout
> of the Omni VI. It may not have 1001 buttons to play with, but SO WHAT!
> <Alan>