End of the Line?

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Fri, 30 Aug 1996 8:57:30 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Steve,

Concerning your comments about the Paragon going away:  there's an old 
saying that "All good things come to an end".  That does not mean that 
there will never be another "good thing"!

All manufacturers run a product line for a while then redesign, rebuild, 
upgrade, and introduce new products.  Ten Tec's product lines just last 
longer than most.

If Ten Tec can be "faulted" for anything it's for building hardware that's
good enough to last "too long".  We consumers then mourn the passing of
what we still consider a current product that might be 8-10 years old.

I still consider my 18 yr old Argonaut and 16 yr old Omni-D as "current"
radios because everytime I consider selling them to get something new, I
realize that what I use these transceivers for cannot be done any better
with any new radio of reasonable cost.  Same thing for my 2591 2 meter HT.

Concerning your Paragon, if it becomes a collector's item, you come out 
ahead.  If it doesn't, it will still be usable for many years and factory 
support will be there when you need it (try that with a rice-box).  Either
way, you are still better off than with any other manufacturer.

I am not connected in any way with Ten Tec, just a satisfied long-term 
customer.  My only regret is that I haven't supported Ten Tec enough with
recent purchases!  (Maybe when my third kid gets out of $college$......!)


Bob Ragain  WB4ETT    

<Subj:	End of the Line?

<Considering the recent demise of the Paragon, one might ask if TenTech has
<reached a technological plateu or perhaps the proverbial "end of the
<line". Logic would suggest that their next offering would be a general
<coverage transceiver with features comparable or better than the Omni IV
<and somewhat competetive with the imported equipment. What should we
<expect? Those with >$2K invested in the Paragon II may be wondering if
<their rig will become a valuable collector's item or a worthless trinket
<of the past. At present, P2 owners have no hope for upgrading their
<equipment and still stay with their favorite company. Will things change
<or should they be looking elsewhere? 73

<Steve Ellington N4LQ@IGLOU.COM  Louisville, Ky