Fwd: End of the Line?

Jim Sheffield kb7et@usa.pipeline.com
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 03:11:39 GMT

On Aug 30, 1996 11:23:33, 'Steve Ellington <n4LQ@iglou.com>' wrote: 
>I've been a ham for 33 years now and have watched with the 
>dismay, the rapid decline of American manufacturing and I'm concerned 
>that TenTec is heading down the same road as Drake, Collins, Hammarlund,
Johnson and all the rest. 
Steve:  I want to comment on the discussion you've started.  I'm  
sure Ten-Tec is following this discussion with interest (at least  
they should be!), so I'll put my thoughts in here.   
I, too have been a ham for 33 years (since 1964), and have seen  
the ruination of all these fine old companies by poor management.  
Drake produced an exceptional radio for the times in its TR-7, but  
it was too expensive for the average ham (and couldn't compete  
with the imported rigs on price basis alone).   
As long as Ten-Tec offers a broad range of products in all price  
classes and continues it's fine tradition of customer service, it  
will prosper.  And now that Heathkit is a memory, the move to  
capitalize on the void with its T-T kits is sound.  Ten-Tec must  
remember that feedback from its customers (us!) is more important  
than all the surveys and consultants in the world.   
73, Jim, KB7ET