Feedback for Ten-Tec (was: End of the Line?)

Jim Sheffield
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 15:15:11 GMT

On Aug 31, 1996 08:33:57, 'Steve Ellington <>' wrote: 
>Good thinking Jim. I think TenTec needs to really really go whole hog into

>the kit business. The expensive transceiver market is almost impossible to

>compete against. Perhaps their approach to the market should emphasize the
simplicity of their equipment .  
>What I would like to see TenTec make is a simple 100w cw rig.   
>How about a little cw transmitter kit to match their little receiver.  
>Any other suggestions?   
These are excellent suggestions, Steve.  I, for one, can't wait to  
place my order for one of the new QRP rigs (30M model).  I sure  
wish Ten-Tec had a Beta-testing program, and I could get one  
free-of-charge (HI). 
I believe that many (even, possibly, most) hams enjoy kit building.   
What I want are kits that result in a final product I can keep and  
be proud of.  I don't want a kit just for the enjoyment of the kit- 
building experience.   
I'd buy a full power CW-only transceiver kit in a heatbeat - I'd  
prefer it over a QRP version.  I'd prefer it to be smaller, though,  
than you suggest.  About the size of the Argosy/Century 22 is  
ideal for a transceiver.  It must be absolutely quiet and selective,  
so if that means a PTO and no synthesizer, so be it.  I'd suggest  
taking Norcal's approach (and the Scout) of having plug-in band  
modules.  Give the buyer as many options for "souping up" the kit  
(or scaling it down) as possible.  I'm only  afraid that the bean  
counters will have the final say, and that will kill the venture since  
there probably aren't enough of us died-in-the-wool CW buffs out  
there to make it viable.  However, T-T would benefit from the  
prestige (notariety?) of being the only company to offer such a kit.  
73, Jim, KB7ET