FS:Corsair II w/263 Remote VFO

Ed Dout edout-kb3hb@worldnet.att.net
Mon, 02 Dec 1996 21:24:44 -0800

I am offering the Corsair II and remote VFO for sale. Both are in exc. condition with
no bumps,scratches,or scrapes. Both pieces are covered when not in use. Factory 
re-aligned 1-95. Includes the 500 hz cw filter. Works and looks as new. Pass band 
tuning,Bandpass filter,Notch,built-in keyer. Original manuals. Have a chance to buy
a Omni V at a good price so the Corsair needs to go. Without question the best cw rig
I have ever had and an outstanding receiver. Prefer to sell as a package. Will 
consider $850 OBO...tnx/73...Ed..KB3HB

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