OMNI D Model 546

Ogborn, Roy W
Tue, 3 Dec 1996 15:51:45 -0600

Hi all.  I'm relatively new to the Ham world.  I'm currently using a
pair of Kenwood t-599D, r-599D twin Rcvr/Trns.  They are ~20 to 25 years

My wife's uncle passed away last year.  I have an opportunity to get his
TenTec OMNI D Model 546 transceiver which he purchased in 1978.  I don't
know anything about this rig and would like to find out more.  Is this a
good rig?  How much money should I offer my wife's aunt for the rig
(i.e., what is this selling for these days assuming it is in good
condition?).  Any quirks this rig may have?  I will not be able to
travel to her house to examine the rig first hand, but can pretty much
assume it is in good working condition.

I've heard TenTec makes good rigs, but have not been in the Ham world
long enough to know myself.  Any information would help.  I would most
likely have to sell the Kenwoods if I wanted to buy the Omni D as I'm
operating on a shoe-string budget these days.

Thanks Much!
Roy Ogborn

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