A Ten Tec Story

wayne montague montaw@inforamp.net (wayne montague)
Tue, 03 Dec 96 20:16:01 EST

I was going to write Ten Tec and say 'thanks', but this is a
far better way. In this day and age of the hoopla regarding
'customer service', its nice to see that its not all hot

Some time ago, I bought a used Scout. It arrives just fine
and I put it on the air right away. Oh my, yes! What a
*nice* little radio. I notice that some one in this radios
past has taken his Black and Decker to the rear panel to add
in external switching for a linear. I find this REALLY

I call the Service department. No got, they say, but I'll
see if I can find you a plug for the hole. Well, OK, I
guess. That will have to do. That was in August.

Yesterday a small box arrives from TT. Whats this? I open
it, and there is a brand spanking new rear sub panel. No
bill. Just ... Here'ya go.

Ten Tec - THIS is service! Thank you!

This one simple act has done more for customer loyalty and
satisfaction than you can imagine. There is more to a Ten
Tec than the box it comes in.

You got me ....


Wayne Montague

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