Mark Libner-GUSR32
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 9:10:00 -0600

     There seems to be only two "camps" out there.
     Those that like TEN TEC, those that don't know.
     As an extremely satisfied Scout mobile user I can 
     only concur on all the positive comments I have
     read on this company.
     My Scout did not arrive in perfect working order.
     The PTO had a nasty shift when tuning up and down
     the band. After a few E-MAIL here and to Ten-Tec, 
     the rig went back for service. One day turnaround
     is what I call service. The rig has worked flawlessly
     ever since.
     Now for the good part. All my local fellow HF mobile
     users have chosen the latest and poorest from Japan.
     Not one of these guys are happy with the performance
     of their 2X$ mobile radios, when they admit it.
     Yes, their radios look really neat and
     remote control heads are a nice option but when they
     experience the performance of the Scout, you just
     have to wonder. This is especially true of the 
     Scouts Noise Blanker. BEST IN CLASS! And I am waiting
     for the day that one of their radios need service.
     TEN TEC, keep up the excellent work.
     It is truly a pleasure to see a 
     company that understands the meaning of Total
     Customer Satisfaction.
     Finally, with regards to users modifying equipment,
     done correctly and documented well is what I thought
     this hobby was all about. We should all thank TEN TEC 
     for providing the excellent circuit details and a
     place to call to "bounce" off our ideas. What
     was the last time ICOM offered that service? 
     Home brew amateurs are almost extinct, kit manufacturers
     maybe on the return, but knowledgeable hams in how
     and why a radio works, I am afraid, will become extinct
     with the next generation of hams. OK, off my soap box!  
     Mark NS9N

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