Are Ten-tecs really so good -Reply

Roger Sellers
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 12:24:41 -0600

>>> William JOHNSON  >I have been reading the glowing comments about
>Tec gear.  I am considering upgrading to something
>better than my Triton IV (digital).  My concern about
>staying with Ten-tec is that the inside design of the
>triton "looks" cheap and Radio shackish compared to
>the insides of a Icom or Kenwood of the same era.  
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      I'm new to HF and a newer owner to Ten Tec radios. My first HF
radio is a TT Paragon I. I've seen the inside of some over seas radios and
the inside of my Paragon. I will state emphatically, I am not electrically
    My Paragon 1 did not have some filters and boards I wanted when I
received it. I found what I wanted for sale via the reflector here and on
Usenet. After purchasing these items, I got out the manual and followed
the directions and pictures and installed the items myself. I had a small
problem at one time and followed a Ten Tech techs phone instructions. I
was able to understand his instructions, checked and fixed the item in
question all while on the phone with him. I do not believe I would have
been able to do that with an Icom, etc. or even get a technician to walk
me through it over the phone. That type of service I believe is a credit to
    I will look to them first in any other HF radios, I buy. They may look
cheap inside (your words), but if even I can get inside of it and work on
one, it is designed simply great.

Roger Sellers  KB9LBU

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