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Ten-Tec Inc. sales@tentec.com
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 16:17:17 Eastern Standard Time

This message regarding phase noise performance of various transceivers was
posted to the topband reflector <topband@contesting.com> by KM1H <km1h@juno.com>
and brought to my attention by AA4NU.  This conversation began with a "thread"
about spurious responses on 160 meters with the Yaesu FT1000MP

73, Scott Robbins W4PA at Ten-Tec 
>This has been a issue since the first synthesized TX hit the band.
>From all indicators "it aint getting better".
>Take a serious look at the TX waveform picture in QST....most all of our
>rigs have been pictured over the past 12 years or so....at least back to
>the TS930 era. 
>Now, look at that picture of the transmitted composite phase noise. 
>Next, look at those spikes on either side of the carrier.  Yep, most
>Riceboxes have them and they are typicallly 1.5 to 5 KHz from the
>carrier. Some worse than others, some have multiple peaks.  What you see
>is what you hear. 
>Those spurs meet FCC specs and are over 50dB down, most decent rigs are
>-80dB or better. But now define 50 to 80dB down from someone who is
>40-60dB over S9 on your meter.  Never mind that the meter lies
>anyway....you will still hear that spur loud and clear from any LOUD
>station and even from the not so loud guy given the wide range of 
>possibilities (all legal).  At this juncture I wont even get into bad
>phase noise rigs in general....some should be banned.  Or reciprocal
>What to do?  Besides everyone going back to the old Collins or Drake rigs
>or buying a TenTec OMNI 6...absolutely nothing. The disease is inherent
>in your Ricebox along with the desire to have at least 1000 bells and
>whistles that are not really needed.   All that high tech garbage and
>general coverage adds not only crap to your TX signal but also degrades
>the RX side.  Yeah, I know, its hard to degrade anything on 160M, but
>many of us have a life outside of the band! ( Im now QRV up to 3.3GHz)
>and synthesizer crud is a big issue. 
>Ask yourself....why do so many of the serious 160M ops  (serious defined
>as over 250 countries) use rigs or slaved receivers designed for very low
>phase noise, spurs. etc. 
>Got to keep this short, time to gas the generator.   Now  2 1/2 days
>without utility company AC
>73......Carl   KM1H

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