Questions about the new QRP CW transceivers

Ten-Tec Inc.
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 14:24:18 Eastern Standard Time

We will be posting additional information about the QRP transceiver kits

73 Scott Robbins W4PA, Ten-Tec 

>I read the recent article in the December issue of CQ about the new QRP
kits and have a few more questions mostly pertaining to the rear panel
>1)  What type of antenna jack does this have on the back?  I'm assuming an
>2)  What type of keyer/key jack does it have?
>3)  What type of power jack/connector does it have?
>4)  Even though this unit requires only 12 volts and only 800 ma of power
on transmit,  would it be suitable to use a non-regulated power supply?
(e.g. a Radio Shack  12 volt AC to DC power supply).  Or would it be best to
use a 12 volt battery?
>5)  Are there any other rear panel jacks or controls?  
>6)  Is the sidetone adjustable?  How and where is the adjustment?
>7)  Is the 50Khz range adjustable?  Supposed I wanted to initially set it
up for the 40m Novice subband and then later wanted to move it to the lower
portion of the General CW band, could this easily be accomplished?
>8)  How much does the unit weigh?
>Thanks and Happy Holidays!
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