Ten-Tec used gear 12/17/96

Ten-Tec Inc. sales@tentec.com
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 08:14:19 Eastern Standard Time

Hello from Ten-Tec in Sevierville, TN.  Ten-Tec will be closed on 
Tues. 12/24, Wed. 12/25, and Wed. 1/1 for the holiday season.
Please remember we do not handle repair, parts, or kit building
tech support requests by e-mail.
All other inquiries can be directed to <sales@tentec.com>  Visit our
redesigned web site at <http://www.tentec.com>

The following is a list of used equipment currently available 
directly from Ten-Tec as of 12/17/96:

562 Omni V xcvr
585 Paragon xcvr 
296 Scout mobile mount
701 hand mic
937 Scout PS
all Scout band modules except
804-30m and 808-12m in stock, used

The following is a list of demo equipment, sold at 5% to 10% off new,
with full warranty available direct from Ten-Tec:

291 200w tuner
411 Centaur amplifier
555 Scout xcvr
556 Argo xcvr
236 remote control cable
239 dummy load
297 Scout NB
2991 HT battery pack
1202A factory assembled wattmeter kit
607 key paddle
937 Scout PS
961 Omni/Paragon spkr/ps console
962 Omni/Paragon spkr/ps console
700C hand mic
701 hand mic
705 desk mic
all Scout band modules except
808-12m and 809-10m in stock, demo.

We want your clean Ten-Tec trade-ins.  We take used in trade for
used, demo, or new equipment.

Contact us at sales@tentec.com 

73, Scott Robbins W4PA at Ten-Tec 

dit dit 

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