AF pot R5 in OMNI V

Paul, Wv3j
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 10:17:44 -0700


The AF (volume) control on my OMNI V goes from no sound to full loud in
about fifteen degrees of rotation.  I read back in '91 that one of the
suggestions from users of the OMNI V was for more spread on the AF control
knob.  I presume this was improved in the OMNI VI.  If so, was the fix just
an R5 pot with fuller use of the arc?  If that is the case wouldn't it be a
rather simple matter to replace the OMNI V's R5/R6 control with the
equivalent OMNI VI part?

If someone has done a fix on this, I'd sure like to profit by his experience.

Thanks & Merry Christmas,

Paul Helbert - Wv3j

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