Wanted - RS-232 for Paragon

Michael Tope mtope@iu.net
Sun, 14 Jan 1996 09:44:55 -0500

> When I called Ten-Tec service the other day, the guy there told me that
they had
> none in stock, and no plans to build anymore

 Just saying we don't have any and hanging up is absurd...  No wonder the
japanese are kicking our butts all over the planet...  Call Ten Tec back and
request a schematic so you can build your own.... also inquire if any of
their techs are interested an making one for you as a private deal - talk to
the techs directly... also, ask if they know of anyone who deals in used Ten
Tec gear who might have one... If you get the slightest flack, insist on
talking with Tom (vice president in charge of sales)... The interface itself
will be made of standard components (from any radio shack) and will be
If they claim the components are special, get the schematic anyway and I know
that the guys on this reflector can solve it...


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