Victor A. Dubois
Sun, 14 Jan 1996 22:20:15 -0500

I just purchased one of the DVP boards from LZ engineering and will hook it
up to my OMNI VI when it gets back from a visit to the factory for a minor
tune up. Before it gets back I have several questions to those of you who
have used DVP boards before.

First is any special software needed to make it run other than CT or TR ? I
have both CT 9 and TR so I might be set as far as software goes. 

Second is it possible to hook up the DVP board to the computer and test it
out before the OMNI is back from TEN TEC, or must the rig be in line test it ?

Finally, any suggestions or hints you can give a NON PHONEY operator as to
installation of the DVP board if any would be appreciated. Especially if I
should be aware of any tricks needed to get it working.

Thanks... Vic