IC-735 spurs on T-T 1208: Fixes coming!

Paul H. Bock pbock@melpar.esys.com
Fri, 26 Jan 1996 9:38:35 -0500 (EST)

     For those using the Ten-Tec 1208 6-meter transverter with 
the Icom IC-735 HF transceiver who are bothered by the latter's 
synthesizer spurs in the 6-meter band:  

     I have been actively evaluating this problem and expect
to post a short discussion, including step-by-step details for 
fixes to be installed, sometime next week.  The solutions range 
from non-intrusive to mildly intrusive, with varying degrees of 
improvement (the most intrusive fix gives the best results), but 
all suggested mods are easy to install and 100% reversible.  This 
means that when you've saved enough to buy a Paragon II or Omni 
VI you can restore the Icom to original and sell it!  :-)

     All the mods, BTW, are to the IC-735 since that's where the 
problem is; the 1208 is FB as is!  It may seem inappropriate to 
post mods to an Icom on a Ten-Tec users' mailing list, but the 
intent is to help Ten-Tec 1208 owners get more pleasure from a 
*VERY* nice piece of Ten-Tec equipment.


   Paul, K4MSG