Omni-6 & NA

Bill Fisher, KM9P
Sun, 28 Jan 1996 20:19:14 -0500 (EST)

Well I turned off the Cde in the Omni (This keeps the Omni from sending
frequency information to the serial interface when the VFO changes... NA
asks for this information anyway.)  That helped things alot.  Now I don't
get the "you are of band" messages from NA.  Well I got a few, but
drastically minimized.

I experienced two problems with the Omni-6 with NA:

1.  I go to send CW through NA or via the internal keyer on the Omni-6 and
nothing happens (no CW, no TX).  I turn the radio off and back on again and
everything is FB.  Anyone else seen this before?

2.  The Omni-6 suddenly displays 91873.32Mhz instead of 1873.32.  Cant see
any rhyme or reason to this one. 


Bill, KM9P