omni-vi in 160 cw 'test
Sun, 28 Jan 96 21:55:22 EST

Hi all,
Just a quick note to subscribers of the reflector to comment how pleased I
was with the receiver performance of my now 2 year old Omni-6 in the recent
CQWW160 CW test.  Conditions seemed quite good, and numerous stations
W4MYA,W2GD,WW2Y, W3GH,W3GN,K8CC,K8MR,KM9P to name a few) were WELL over
S9+20 at my Central VA QTH (tx/rx ant inv L 70'v/63'h-8 elevated radials;rx
NE bvg@45deg). However I was suprised to see that I was able to operate so
close to strong stations such as these without noticing the effects of their
proximity.  With the 250hz filter engaged I spun up and down the band and
never had trouble copying vy weak ones (i.e. I4JMY @0418utc) even very
close(200hz or less) to vy strong ones like K8MR (vy LOUD at same time
Jim!).  I only put in an hour or two and worked just over 100 q's at 500w
into the aforementioned TX antenna and had a great time. 

Respectfully submitted,

Pete, AD4TU