Ten Tec service manuals

Conway Yee yee@mipg.upenn.edu
Fri, 28 Jun 96 12:38:21 EDT

Steve (N4LQ) writes:
>I just wish TT would either put numbers on the circuit boards next to
>each part or a pictorial showing the location of each part. Trying to
>find R31 for example is a real bear. This is rather basic since Sams
>Fotofacts has done this for centuries. Somehow we manage though.

In defense of TenTec, the 101 service manual DOES include a picture
showing parts location but frequently it is not useful.  The
manual only documents ONE version of the board.  I was working on the
noise blankeron my 101E and found that the documentation does not
match the board.  After the inital production run of the board, a
problem was found .  A modification was made to the circuit.  the
existance of the modification appears in the text describing the mod
(and I believe the circuit diagram) but the picture is outdated.  In
addition, Yaesu made minor modifications on the 101 series thought its
long production run and many of the changes are not well documented (
but then again, neither are TenTec's changes).

73 de Conway Yee, N2JWQ