Ten Tec design philosophy

Conway Yee yee@mipg.upenn.edu
Fri, 28 Jun 96 12:37:10 EDT

Wayne and Steve both write something like:
>I've serviced both. Yaesu is OK, I guess, but U need a board to
>swap with or extender cards.
>I prefer TTs way. I can get in there with a 'scope and probes.
>AND TT uses G10 boards. None of this bakelite crap.

Well, I actually have two 101's to help with servicing, a 101B and an
E but the point about being able to get at TenTec boards with a scope
and probes is well taken.  Using card extenders can be a big pain.

Incidentally, not all of the boards on my Corsair II is readily
accessible (although most if not all of the most important ones are).
With 22 (I think) boards, it is probably next to impossible to insure
that all are acessible.  In order to change one of the panel switches,
I had to get at a small PC board that is hidden under another.

Steve writes:
>Having serviced several Tempo 2020's I can say that I prefer the TT method
>better. The Temp had it's boards plugged into edge card connectors. After
>several years, the connectors developed oxidation and required cleaning
>then later on, crack developed in the plastic connectors due to stress I
>suppose. Replacing those connectors was quite an experience. Those plug in
>boards remind me of the Motorola Quasar (works in a drawer). The concept
>was fine for the first few years but eventually those big connectors gave
>technicians fits. 

Fortunately, I have yet to have to deal with cracked connectors on my
101.  Simply removing and reinserting the card takes care of oxidation
but the point is well taken.  An unreliable rig due to oxidation on
the card edge can be quite frustrating.

>No. I'm willing to sacrifice a little inefficiency in space
>consumption to gain ease of access. Somehow this Omni 6 has gobbs of
>extra space in it in spite of individual connectors.

Aren't TenTec's rigs a bit BIGGER than many rice boxes out on the
market?  This would account for the space;.  There is also a LOT of
space under my Corsair II and this certainly makes servicing a bit

73 de Conway Yee