Mon, 4 Mar 1996 18:13:01 -0500

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>>YES!!  I use an attenuator OFTEN (Never on 15 or 10).  It's always in line
>>during the SS on 40 and 20.  It's amazing what a little attenuation will do
>>for you some times.  KR0Y used to use beverages on 20M at K4VX during SS to
>>achieve the same result.
>Hmmm... Don't have my manual here at the office... I find the attenuator
>often too much gain reduction, so I tend to ride the rf gain control to
>controll splatter/chatter/etc...  Is there a difference between the two
>approaches as far as intermod/overload ?  Who is the receiver guru to tell
>about it ?  
>Does anyone with Ten Tec have any input on this ?