Mon, 4 Mar 1996 23:52:23 -0500

After reading of few of these comments about the attenuator, I tried using it
in the recent ARRL CW & SSB DX contests.  Was really surprised how much good
it did, especially on 80/160, but like others, I would love to have the
option of -10 or -20.  Thanks to Bill and others for the tip!  Ashamed to say
I had never tried it--instead used reduced rf gain. 

Your comments about the narrow filters was also interesting.  I agree that
the use of a stacked .5 (nar) and the .25 would be too much for any run
station.  I find the .5 nar and 1.8 the best combination for running and
still keep the RIT on and ready.   73 John K0IJL