Corsair II power modification?

Conway Yee
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 09:06:28 -0500

I would like to make a minor modification to my Corsair.  I am not all
that excited about having the Model 1140 circuit breaker outboard and not
using the onboard power switch at all.  As suggested in the owner's
manual, I can use the onboard on/off to trigger a 12V relay that is rated
for 20amp.

I would also like to put the Model 1140 circuit breaker on board.  There
already is a 3/8" hole cut into the back end of the Corsair II below the
antenna jack.  Apparently, it is used when disassembling the Corsair II.
I would like to use this hole to mount the 1140 circuit breaker.
Unfortunately, this hole goes into the RF amp compartment.  Anybody know
what risk I take of getting RF into the power supply?

I would also like to put in a crowbar in the Corsair.  I feel that each
piece of equipment should not trust anyone else to work properly.  The
input power is +12V and not 120.  Thus, I feel that the circuit breaker
should be inboard.  Reverse polarity protection is already built in but
none is available for overvoltage.  I think this is very useful and
according to Horowitz and Hill, 3 pin crowbar circuits are available.
Since the input power is 12V and not 120, I don't think it makes sense for
the Corsair to trigger the power supply.  It should do everything at 12V.

Any flaws with my plans?


Has anyone tried cascading multiple 6.3MHz filters?  I would like to know
if it OK to put multiple 1.8 or 0.5 KHz filters in series so that the
both fit into one socket.