Wed, 27 Mar 1996 10:42:02 -0500

Hello All, 
      I think there are two schools of thought on the sidetone level
adjustment.  Both have there points.  Having the sidetone level track the
receiver audio is certainly convient for the operator.  On the other hand
having the sidetone level adjustment independent of the audio gain control is
a plus when the audio is turned down on the radio and the key becomes closed
by accident. This happened to me, but the sidetone audio alerted me to the
problem.  Had the monitor audio level been tied to the receive audio level I
would not have found this for a lot longer time.  The sidetone level should
be easily adjusted.  The screwdriver adjustment on the Scout is a real
inconvience.  I plan to add  pots for both the sidetone lever and power
output level. Anyway just my thoughts on this.  
                                                               Bob   W1XP