I am new...

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG turner@safety.ics.uci.edu
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 09:36:06 -0800

> >2.  I am also interested in discussing alignment of the PBT control
> >for the OMNI VI, or maybe setting of the carrier points in

> Because the Omni VI is designed for the contestor/dx crowd, narrow skirts and
> adjacent signal rejection in heavy qrm are the intent.. limited audio
> response is the trade off for the steep, narrow skirts... I doubt that this
> is adjustable in any fashion... The width and shape of the audio skirts are
> set by the crystal filters which are specified by the designer....slight
> adjustment of the PBT gives acceptable _contest_ audio to my ear...

Hi Denny - Thanks for the reply.  I understand what you are saying,
and it has occurred to me to go and get a pair of 2.7 or 3.0 KHz
filters made up for this rig to widen the response a bit.  I loved the
audio from the Kenmore 940 since it was pleasantly broad.

However, there must be a way to set the "center" frequency, the
carrier oscillators (the adjustments shown on the aluminum bottom
cover are part of this for adjustment of the PBT).  I have adjusted
all my other radios to set the center of the PBT or IF shift to the
sound I want ... but same bandwidth of course.  Now, I have 
set the carrier oscillators on my Kenmore 440 for a bit more highs 
in transmit and the result is that the IF shift, if centered so that
USB and LSB sound approximately the same, they show the same "higher"
response as the transmit response.  That is how the PBT is acting,
as though the transmit response through the same circuit is a bit
higher than I would like it.  Now, I do not understand the difference
between IF shift and PBT, so I may have a problem there :-)
My knowledge of IF shift is completely from experimentation with
several rigs.  But I can now adjust them by hand and get what I

> >3.  Further, I would love to discuss adding some gain to the IF
> >where both 500 Hz or both 250 Hz CW filters are being used.  There is

> Hmmm... I haven't noticed this... it gets much quieter because you have
> sliced off about 1.7 kc of noise and clatter when you hit the narrow
> button... but I do not notice any decrease in the audio volume of the cw sig
> if it is centered in the filter... have you changed the side tone from the
> default?...

The volume from the speaker only changes if the signal is very weak.  
Mostly, I notice the S meter drop by an S unit or so if I put in 
both filters.  I use an outboard Palomar preamp when the signals are
weak to begin with, and that really brings them out of the mud.  It
just seems I could do that more easily internally.

> >4.  Well, I also want to discuss the "loud" (relatively) relay

> I use the menu to turn the amplifier relay off for 'quiet' qsk.... but, I
> also use headphones for this...

Headphones is a good solution!  As I explained in another post, I am 
sorry that I didn't explain more carefully that this is another relay
that I hear, and my amp relay is already turned off.

Thanks again.  This is a good list.