Various Ten Tec questions

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 16:47:34 -0800

Bill writes:

> I might be interested in selling my Omni-6 but I bet you could get a better
> deal from someone else.  I keep looking at the Yaesu 1000MP...  I know I
> won't like it as much on CW, but I also figure it won't be as clunky to use
> in a contest.  I just can't get used to the Omni-6 going to sleep while
> TXing on CW.  Anyone know what an Omni-6 used is worth?  I have dual 500hz
> CW filters.

First, what do you mean by the Omni-6 "going to sleep"?  I do understand
the clunkiness factor versus the smoother Japanese rigs.  I swapped
a Kenmore 940 and amp for my Omni, and the 940 had its smoothness
advantages for sure.

I have been looking at used Omni prices for a few months.  I got mine
with two extra filters, it was less than a year old.  I swapped a
Kenmore appliance, the 940 with 4 IRCI filters and switchboards,
and a Heath SB 200 with new tubes.  I figured the deal to be worth
over $1600 and under $1800.  The other Omni-6's I have seen advertised
were priced around that.  The fellow I got my Omni from had bought it
from Henry Radio a month before (he just plain did not like the
rig) for $2k.  I did not get a power supply with mine, but it did 
include a mike.  I found a matching supply later and got all the 
filters on the used market.  I miss my 940 sometimes but am 
generally happy with the swap.

Good luck.  I know several other fellows looking for the Omni.