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Tue, 01 Apr 1997 07:44:50 Eastern Standard Time

Hello Art, N2KA and reflectorites from Sevierville:

Weather here today was lousy again.  63, clear and sunny.  Ugh. 

At 01:13 PM 3/31/97 EST, you wrote:
>Anyone out there have the OMNI VI upgrade done to their OMNI VI yet? If
>so which upgrade was done and what are your opinions? 
>Anyone as of yet purchase the VI Plus yet? What do you think? Can you
>compare to a previously used VI?

We have not actually started doing the upgrades from the VI to the VI Plus.
The response has been tremendous, greater than we had anticipated.  It will 
most likely be June 1 or later before we start.  For current additions to
the list for upgrading, we are quoting six months lead time for a full 
option 3 upgrade to a VI+.  Thanks for your patience.  Everyone will
get a chance to have their rig upgraded.  We will continue to accept
additions to the option 3 list through the summer.  
>This may sound dumb, but will the VI Plus upgrade include a new front
>panel to show that the radio is indeed a PLUS?

Not dumb at all, we've heard this question before.  We will not be 
silkscreening "PLUS" onto the front panel to upgraded transceivers. 
The front panel buttons will be re-arranged to indicate their new 
functions, and a sticker will be added to the rear by the serial number 
to indicate that the Omni-VI has been factory upgraded to an Omni-VI Plus.  
>TEN TEC: Will you guys be at DAYTON this year with any OMNI VI PLUS
>radios to play with?

We will be at Dayton with four booths and our usual horde of employees.
We will have the Omni-VI Plus on display and for sale, but not likely
that we'll have a parking lot RV setup like has been done in conjunction
with Mosley in the past for "over the air" demonstration.

Thanks and 73,
Scott Robbins, W4PA

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