[TenTec] ANOTHER LDG Auto-tuner GROUP PURCHASE! (fwd)

Scott Rosenfeld NF3I Scott Rosenfeld NF3I <ham@w3eax.umd.edu>
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 22:55:49 -0500

There are only TWO - yes, TWO - days left to take advantage of this good 

Yes, by the power vested in me by Dwayne Kincaid, WD8OYG, the great 
engineering mind over at LDG, along with my loving wife Chris, N3MXZ, who 
agreed NOT to ask for a divorce after the last group purchase and is 
STILL letting me go to Dayton, too (Chris, you still there?)...

<<<for more info on the products, check http://www.radix.net/~ldg>>>

NEW!!!  Note the inclusion of ASSEMBLED units!!!

QRP tuners	$85 (reg $100)
QRP enclosures	$25
QRPs ASSEMBLED!	$139 (reg $159)

AT-11 tuners		$127.50 (reg $150)
AT-11 enclosures	$30
AT-11s ASSEMBLED!	$190	(reg $219)

The enclosures are made by Ten-Tec and are VERY nice indeed.
All prices are PLUS SHIPPING (under $10 in nearly all cases).

The purchase will open NOW and will close promptly at 5 a.m. Eastern 
time on SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 1997.

Here's how to order:

1) E-mail me or CALL me with WHAT YOU WANT.
2) I need a phone number as well as UPS-able address (no PO Boxes)
   if you need it to go via USPS, tell me.
3) I'll tell you the amount to send, and please send it ASAP.

Since I have to make a bulk order, you pay me, I make order, I spend 
hours sorting and boxing, and I send to you.

The last purchase totalled an AMAZING 101 tuners and 76 cases!

I look forward to this one being smaller =-)

REMEMBER, IT CLOSES SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 1997, 5 a.m. Eastern time

* Scott Rosenfeld NF3I Burtonsville, MD FM19mc QRV 80-10/6/2/440 *
*** 6m 75 grids worked on 8 watts *** HF 140 cfmd * QRP-L #147 ***
** QRP ARCI #9054 ** DXCC/WAS/WAC *** 100% dipole powered HF/6m **
* 301-549-1022 h / 301-982-1015 w *** 145.490- 147.225+ PL 156.7 *

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