[TenTec] CorSair II Mod Info Wanted

David H. Hammond DHHDEH@concentric.net
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 17:52:38 +0000

Hello Everyone,

I have had an Omni VI at my station for about five months now
and have it in cue for the upgrade.  

My back up station has been a vintage IC761 which I recently sold to 
acquire a Corsair II.  What a very pleasant surprise the Corsair II
has turned out to be!!

If you haven't experienced the receiver combination of crystal mixing
and a PTO ( no PLL here) combined with no tune operation then you
are  missing a real treat.  Yes I still love my Omni but the Corsair
comes in a close second. A very, very quiet receiver.

I have two questions to ask of anyone with Corsair experience.

1. Does anyone know of a mod to perform on the AGC of the Corsair
to eliminate the "hang" characteristic especially in the slow AGC
position?  This "hang" time is a real bother in detecting weak signals
as I cruise the bands. Any simple component value swaps??

2. I have heard that some mods exist to better stabilize the small
drift which the PTO circuit introduces.  Not bad but could be better.
Will a PTO rebuild help here or is better voltage requlation needed?
Obviously this is a common problem wth most PTO design.  Just looking
for possible suggestions. I heard a rumor that an aftermarket mod did
exist at one time.

I have reviewed the reflector archives for the last year and did not
find any entries that quite answered these questions. 

Any help will be appreciated.  The Corsair will certainly make the
absence of the Omni easier while it goes in for the upgrade later this

73 de KA1ED-Dave

P.S.  Has anyone had the upgrade done yet?

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