[TenTec] OMNI VI PLUS Review

Jay E Ostrem wc7m@vcn.com
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 20:00:05 -0600 (MDT)

Hey Gang,

I've been using the OMNI VI PLUS for a few days now, and I'm happier than a
gopher in soft dirt.

Let me preface the following.  I'm predominately a CW op, who also spends
alot of time on 80 SSB within Wyoming.

I have been using Icom 751's and 751A's since their inception.  Everyone in
town had one at one time.

I recently used a OMNI V during the CQWW 160 CW Contest, and as a result
sold everything in the shack.  I ordered the PLUS, but needed a general
coverage rig, so I bought a late production Paragon.

I was so impressed with the Paragon,  I actually considered cancelling my
Plus order.

When the PLUS arrived I compared them side by side.

I won't itemize all the buttons and features, but will stick to the on air

        1.When I checked into the state net I received an unsolicited
compliment on my "broadcast quality audio".  I was using my regular
Shure 55S studio mic.

        2.The signals stand out from the background noise. The received
signals           are very clear and crisp, they sound noticably "muddier"
on the           Paragon.  This is non DSP mode.    

        3.When tuning SSB, I have always had difficulty finding the "sweet
spot"           where op's I have met personnally sound like they ought to.
The PLUS           was easy, with superb audio reproduction.  Much better
than the           Paragon.

        4.I'm amazed at the DSP.  I still own a JPS NIR-10, which I
purchased           after comparing a number of models. This was previous to
the NIR-12           introduction. This unit worked nicely and did the job.
When I hit the           NR (noise reduction) button, signals jumped out of
the noise.  This           one works great, with little to none distortion
on the audio quality.           It makes the other audio and i.f. DSP's I've
played with sound like           cheap AM pocket radio's.  They work, but
sound like heck. (If you           adjust them for good audio, they aren't
doing anything.)

        5.The LP (lowpass) mode is great. Primarily a CW aide, it is
adjustable,           and cuts out everything in the audio above the cw
tone. I'm really           learning to like this one.

Am I going to sell the Paragon?  Heck no!  It's an excellent radio, and had
me convinced it was the best I ever had.  It compliments the PLUS, what one
doesn't do, the other does.  Of course they look really nice next to each other.

I am convinced I have the best radio in the world.

			    Jay W7CW in Gillette, Wyoming

                            On the 1AB Ranch in Campbell County

                            (previously WC7M)	

                             W7CW was previously held by Simon Hess
                                         SK 1912-1994				

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