[TenTec] OMNI VI ssb performance ????

Mixalis Dimitrakakis mdim@intranet.gr
Wed, 16 Apr 97 14:10:54 EETDST

 Dear Amateurs 

   I am thinking of buying an OMNI VI plus after owning 4 "oriental YAECOMWOOD"
   and after been a happy owner of a TITAN amp. and after reading only
   good reports from other TT owners but the only thing that most of those happy
   owners are reporting is the CW performance ,good selectivity/filtering 
   of the OMNI VI.

     I will be using  it only on SSB and I would like to hear from OMNI VI 
 users about the transmit and receive audio  pro and cons on SSB Mode.

 Does the new OMNI VI PLUS has any improved audio processor compared to the 
 previous one??

 I donot want to spend money for things that I will never use like
    1.a dual receiver in the same unit.
    2.power(switching) supply since every ham-shack has  a 12 v P.S.
    3.antenna tuner (I always use an external tuner)
    4.Bells and buttons that only once or twice I will press in my whole life.

 I would rather spend all this money on good crystal filters.

  My warmest thanks to all of my fellow hams who will take time to
  respond and help me out with my decisions.

  Thank you all

 73 SV1CVY Michael
  Electrical Engineer
  R & D Dept.
  email mdim@intranet.gr

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