[TenTec] TNX all for OMNI VI SSB performance....

Mixalis Dimitrakakis mdim@intranet.gr
Wed, 23 Apr 97 15:54:36 EETDST

 Dear  amateurs friends

   I want to thank you all 
   Lewis Fisher WY9X,Bill Bosler WF3M, Reid K7YX,Grand K7GT,
   Steve Zettel KJ7CH, Stuart K5KVH,John Buckham,Jim AA5F/SV0JB,
   and Scott Robbins for their good comments concerning the
   SSB performance of the OMNI VI.
   ONLY ONE of the above suggested the IC765 for better audio on SSB. 
  The rest were excellent comments in both trans./receive. 

   I am waiting for some more info from Scott Robbins on the 
   crystal filters options and some price list of the accessories
   and then I will be on the list to get one.

   Thank you all again

   73 SV1CVY MIchael

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