[TenTec] Re: TT stuff for sale

Joseph Koppi jkoppi@pclink.com
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 09:37:03 -0600

Saw the note from Charlie, N2HFZ, regarding the used equipment URL,
www.webcom.com/webpub/class.html.  This particular location used to be
known (and may still be known) as the Virtual Hamfest.  In my opinion, it
is one of the best online sites for locating used gear.  Not only is there
a lot of stuff, it is well organized and presented.

Here are my bookmarks for used equipment URLs.  Would appreciate receiving
your favorite addresses also.

http://www.aesham.com/used.txt (AES used equip list)
http://p1k.arrl.org/ads/ham-ads.html (ARRL used equipment list)
http://bro.net/barc/forsale.html (BARC [Birmingham ARC] Swap Shop)
http://www.daknet.com/~burghart/usedlist.txt (Burghardt Amateur Center)
http://www.csz.com/arcdb/srcheng.html (Raymond Sarrio Ham Classified Database)
http://www.rossdist.com/used.pri (Ross Distrib. used equipment--not too good)
http://www.webcom.com/webpub/class.html (Virtual Hamfest by Steve Kurtzman)

Thanks guys and 73,

Joe Koppi, W0SU
St. Paul, MN

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