[TenTec] Circuit breaker for Corsair II power

George H. Collier collier@bellcore.com
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 10:34:11 -0400

Good Morning,

I was reading the manual that came with my new used Corsair II and it 
stated that the rig should needs more protection than a fuse in line with 
the power supply. It suggests that a circuit breaker be installed and 
mentions a particular TenTec model.

My questions are:

1) should I get a circuit breaker (I have a fuse already)?
2) Can I obtain a TenTec circuit breaker or is there a reasonable 


PS I am building a large karmic debt of gratitude to more experienced hams 
who venture into Novice 40 & 80 and give beginners like me a CW hand! Thank 
you to all of you everywhere or should I say: * | *. |*..*   ..*. |..* |.*. 
  *| ....| .    *.*.| .* |.*..|.*..

George H. Collier	KC2BIS		collier@bellcore.com
Polar Star Sleddog Team		malamute-l co-owner
Long Live the Working Polar Dog!

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