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Paul Plasters PEPLASTERS@mail.rkd.snds.com
Thu, 03 Jul 1997 11:03:17 -0500

I made a mistake in the part I added, it should have read "does the Corsair
use this much current while Recieving?  sorry! Paul

>>> Paul Plasters <PEPLASTERS@mail.rkd.snds.com> 07/03/97 10:46am
> George wrote
2) Can I obtain a TenTec circuit breaker or is there a reasonable
> substitute?
If TT still has them and I believe they do then get one as it's less than
$20.00. This is the only way you can turn the rig off if you're using a
battery as the switch on the Corsair II is not made to handle 20A current.
The breaker is made by Air-Pax so you could buy one from them. It's a
magnetic breaker that has a much faster trip time than a fuse.

73 Jim K4CGY
Hi Jim;
Does the Corsair use this much current for### (transmitting)### this
word should have been recieving$$$$?  Or is it common
practice to turn off the power when transmitting?
The built in power switch should easily handle the recieving current.
I relayed in private message to George that I had run some tests on
circuit breakers and compared them to identicly sized fuses, and the
fuse opened much quicker.  I am not sure what you mean by magnetic
breaker opening faster.  It still will handle quite a bit of overload before
opening.  Maybe we could try testing one of the ten-tec units if we could
find one.  73 Paul WA9FFL
Ride to live-Live to ride
Paul WA9FFL "wa9ffl@aol.com"

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