[TenTec] FS Ten-Tec Omni C and PS

Kenneth Simpson kenmar@mfi.net
Thu, 10 Jul 97 21:04:47 EDT

For sale:

Ten-Tec Omni, Series C, 160 to 10 meter HF xcvr (including WARC bands).
This unit is in mint condition.  It has digital read out, and is the latest Omni made, just before Ten-Tec made the Corsair.   Cost is $450.

Deluxe 255 power supply for above, which includes speaker and heavier output transistors.  This unit is very scarce.  Cost is $200.

Ten-Tec 229 antenna tuner.  This is the 1500 + Watt version, with the roller inductor, and wattmeter/SWR bridge, and antenna switch.  This one is the color to match the Paragon.  Cost is $250.

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Ken, W8EK

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