[TenTec] 10 Meter Birdies-One Man's Opinion

jjensen@mankato.msus.edu jjensen@mankato.msus.edu
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 23:28:14 -0500

Ahhh...  There's the bottom line.  You can argue about this until the end
of time...  But this is what it comes down to:  Whether or not a particular
piece of equipment suits your needs, your budget, your taste, your quirks,
your tolerance for its quirks, etc.  This is why there is more than one
manufacturer, model, etc. (For now!) (And of course, the biggest
aspect--what do you operate primarily:  CW, digital or SSB.)

This is probably why I own 3 HF rigs at present, and have briefly owned
many others...  You need the right tool for the job.  You just can't go by
what everyone else thinks.  Just like buying a pair of stereo speakers...

73 de KF0VB

>That may be your opinion, but when I went shopping for a rig I checked
>friends with Ten Tec's and one who had an Omni-V had a very strong
>opinion of the S7 birdie on 28.025 MHz - smack on the 10m calling freq (I
>think I'm remembering the freq right).  He was also displeased with the
>response from TT that nothing could be done about it.  Otherwise his
>opinion of the rig was high, but, to him, this was a significant
>detractor.  It *was* a problem (and this was when the sunspot cycle
>allowed a lot of DXing on 10m).  My opinion might not be the same, but
>for someone who chased DX seriously on 10m, it was a problem for him.
>	73,  Duane
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