[TenTec] Omni VI vs. VI Plus

Peter A. Klein pklein@seattleu.edu
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 17:17:38 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, folks!  I'm new to this list, so if there's an FAQ that answers these
questions, point me to it.

I'm seriously contemplating getting an Omni 6, maybe used, maybe new.  I
already own a Timewave DSP-599zx, so I'm not sure that the new Omni 6 Plus
DSP options would do me any good.  I'm not a contester or competitive
DXer, though I do like to work DX, such as I can from the Pacific
Northwest with a dipole and vertical. :-)

Currently I use an Icom 751a with 2.4 and 2.1 kHz SSB filters and two 500
Hz CW filters.  I'm not unhappy with the 751a.  But I would like to use my
CW filters on AFSK, and I'd like a less noisy receiver with better
close-in strong signal immunity. 

I've read that the Omni 6 has one of the best, quietest receiver there is. 
I'm more concerned with really good basic receiver performance than sub
receivers, spectral displays, hundreds of memories, and the like.  (You
can see why I might be a Ten-Tec kind of guy!) 


1.  What are the differences are between the Omni 6 and 6 Plus? I've seen
the current QST ad, I need the technical details. 

2.  There are 3 options for upgrading the Omni 6 with some of the features
of the 6 Plus.  What exactly are these options?

3.  I have the Jan 1993 QST review of the Omni 6.  Can you point me to any
other reviews of the Omni 6, the 6 Plus, or the upgrade options? 

4.  I already own a top-of-the-line outboard DSP box--the Timewave 599zx.
What would the Omni 6 Plus give me that an Omni 6 (standard) and my
Timewave wouldn't?  It seems on the surface that getting an Omni 6 would
be ideal for my situation, but I may not have all the details.  Are there
other changes in the 6 Plus, beyond the extra 9 mHz narrow filter

5. One negative I've heard is that Ten-Tec radios tend to *need* their
manufacturer's world-class service.  In particular, I've heard a few
horror stories about intermittent problems.  Is this your experience, or
is it just nasty rumors?  And can most problems that do occur be solved
with a board swap, without having to send the whole radio in? 

Any general comments from Omni VI owners and comparisons with other
medium-high end radios like my Icom 751a would be welcome.

--Peter (KD7MW)

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