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Fri, 18 Jul 1997 13:00:39 Eastern Daylight Time

At 07:28 AM 7/18/97, you wrote:

>Check out:
>They have a very nice software/hardware package, 
>too bad it only receives!
>George V73GT
>PS. It does look like the front of a radio and they even have 
> a demo you can download.

If you like WINRADIO, you'll probably love Ten-Tec's DSP HF "black-box"
shortwave/amateur band receiver, entirely computer controlled/operated, 
and available later this year at a retail price of under $300 
(still TBA).  Debuted in prototype mode at Dayton this year.  If you 
look at the fuzzy picture of Tom Salvetti, KC3NF on page 29 of this 
months QST (August) you can see (sort of) what the screen layout looks 
like.  The "black-box" part of the receiver is the 3"x6"x6" black box
sitting on top of the computer stack behind the monitor.   

Scott Robbins, W4PA
Amateur Radio Product Manager, Ten-Tec, Inc. 

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