Fwd: [TenTec] Rig Control Software

George Arthur Talbot talbot@kmrmail.kmr.ll.mit.edu
Fri, 18 Jul 97 07:28:24+120

>What most of us are looking for is not logging programs that
>control the radio. While that has it's applications, what we 
>are looking for is "Operating Software" allowing total control
>of the radio from a pc (or modem). What I envision is someone
>coming up with a windows based program with a screen that looks
>like the front of a radio and the ability to control each function
>in an easy fashion.
>Being barely DOS literate, I'm not going to attempt it. de KL7HF

Check out:


They have a very nice software/hardware package, too bad it only receives!

George V73GT

PS. It does look like the front of a radio and they even have a demo you can

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