[TenTec] Titan and Paragon

Allan G. Taylor ataylor@heracles.llnl.gov
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 13:19:20 -0700 (PDT)

I paid $1700 for an older Titan and thought (still do) I did well! Saw an older
one for sale just last week for $1800!  The newer ones would go for a few
hundred dollars more, thats all. You can tell which it is by the front panel
color and one of the switches. Mine (older) is a medium grey color and has a
high/low voltage select switch. The newer one has a beige color (I think) panel
(it matches the Paragon/OmniV/OmniVI) and a QSK-type switch in place of the
high/lo voltage select. I would say that a fair price for the older Titan is
$1750 and a newer one about $1950. A fair price for a Centurion II would be
about $1300. The things you need to know about the Titan are:

	1. fan noise is real

	2. watch grid current--overcurrent ruins tubes, esp 3CX800A7s!

	3. You could probably bolt the key contacts together for hours and
	   not faze the Titan at the legal limit, but watch out for your
	   antenna! I melted the main coaxial balun in an R7 and I am NOT the
	   only one to do so!! So far so good with the HyGain DX77, tho!

Can't say anything about a Paragon from experience, but have seen them for
sale on this reflector in the low 1000s. Try 1100.

Grant K7GT

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