[TenTec] 555 Scout Headphone Pad

Dennis B. Dolle dolledb@cet.com
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 21:12:32 -0700

I have a Scout and would like to install a pad at the audio jack to allow
use of 8 Ohm stereo headphones.  Any recommendations out there for the
component values and installation techniques?  The manual just says to
install a pad, but gives no suggestions.  I've done this mod on other Ten
Tec rigs (Century 21, for example) but wonder if there is anything that I
should know about before putting the Scout under the knife.  I think I've
seen this information posted before, but couldn't find it during a one-hour
search of the archives.  Please forgive me if this thread has gone through
the needle before.


Dennis, NX5W

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