[TenTec] Comments on Herc II amp

DARYL L NOEL w4ec@juno.com
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 00:36:17 EST


I have owned a Hercules II amp and the #9420 power supply for a just over
2 years.  I purchased a file cabinet roller at K-marts, cut a piece of
wood to fit it and set the power supply on the roller.  It sets under my
desk and is not any real problem to move around when I have to get the
dustballs off the floor.

I used the Herc II on ssb and Pactor running full power and have never
had any problems.

At the time I was unable to find a late model Titan amp. I liked the Herc
amp because of its rack mount availability and no tune up.  I used it in
conjunction with the Omni IV  (waiting for update #401) and the
automatic antenna tuner.  I have all pieces in the desktop rack. When
connected all together, tuning up was almost instantaneous when
switching bands.

I now use the Herc II amp as my secondary station connected to a Scout
555 and 238 manual antenna tuner.  I recently received my Golden Titan
and am using that as my main amp.

73's Daryl

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