[TenTec] Re: Ten Tec Digest V1 #83

Chris Robson crobson@erie.net
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 06:26:13 -0400

>In a message dated 97-06-04 14:08:49 EDT, you write:
><< I just sent in my Omni VI for the option three upgrade. I'm number two
> >in the que.
>and another:
> ......... 
> I received a card last week saying my number is 57 (the text says
> "starting in July").
>  >>
>The card I received last week puts me at #338. They will either be super
>experts at the mod by that time, or so bored they can't stay awake to do it
>Jim K1MEM

        My card has #373, I'm counting on your first thought, not your
second! With my luck, they will call for mine 3 Days before CQ WW.

Chris KB3A

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