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>My Omni VI arrived back from Ten-Tec Friday May 30. After the upgrade
>was complete the check of the receiver noted a sensitivity problem. It
>went to the service dept and found an alignment problem with the 9Mhz
>osc. The rig was completely aligned and tested. I am very pleased with
>the upgrade. The NR circuit works very well. At time backround noise
>The noise level drops to
>a point that is very noticable. With very little effect on the received
>negative effect on the
>received signal. The button changes and menu changes make perfect sense.
>The rig looks like new, and was the first time back to Ten-Tec in almost
>5 years. Hope everyone else enjoys their upgrades and fine Ten-Tec gear.
>                               73, Craig W1ZN

I wanted to interject a comment to clarify this a little bit as this will
have some bearing on option 3 upgradees as well.

We are doing these upgrades in the main production area and are subjecting 
each one of these rigs to the computerized quality control check that we
do with each new production model.  If your radio fails this test for some
reason while it is here with us for the upgrade, we will call you and
describe the problem and give you the option of having the rig shipped
back to you as is, or placing it in the repair queue for service.  The 
repair time and cost, of course, will be additional to the time and cost
required for the upgrade and presently we are running two to three weeks 
turnaround time in the service department.  

If you called us to request an option 3 upgrade prior to May 1, we will
have sent you a postcard by now with a number indicating your place in
line.  If you called after May 1, we will be sending a postcard out to you
sometime in the next few weeks.  We anticipate the vast majority will be
done in July, August, and September.  We will call you when we are ready 
for your transceiver to be sent to us.  

Thanks again ! 

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